The Board of Trustees of Sandusky Township has created a Sidewalk Replacement Program to help property owners with the replacement of damaged sidewalks.

Responsibility for the care, upkeep and repair of sidewalks belongs to the individual property owner, but the Trustees would like to offer some incentive on replacing damaged sidewalks.

The Board of Trustees, upon written approval, will
1. Pickup and dispose of concrete that has been removed
2. Pay/reimburse property owner the cost of the concrete used to replace sidewalk.

The Board of Trustees will NOT pay for sidewalk replacement on sections that do not need to be replaced. Therefore, an application needs to be submitted for approval to the Board prior to any work beginning. Trustees will review the application and return to property owner with their approval/disapproval.

If you would like an application, please contact Sandusky Township Trustees for an application at 419-332-3810 or email at .