Mailboxes/Obstacles Damaged Within Township Right of Way

November 5, 2019

 A properly installed and maintained mailbox will withstand snow removal and operations.  Please install your mailboxes in accordance with applicable postal regulations, but keep them as far from the edge of the road as possible.  To find out what the proper location of your mailbox is along the roadway, contact your local postmaster.

 Mailboxes should be designed and installed to withstand the impact of thrown or pushed snow, but massive posts, barricades, or supports that represent a danger to vehicular traffic or personal safety are not permitted.  Specifications can be found on the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) website

 The Township operates on the assumption that individual mailboxes were installed and maintained by the owner and are capable of withstanding the impact of thrown snow.  This is your responsibility.  Repairs will not be made to mailboxes that are improperly installed or maintained.  Boxes down from snowplow throwing snow will be refastened if possible.  Boxes down due to deteriorated materials will be the responsibility of the owner.  Improperly installed boxes will be the responsibility of the owner.

 If improperly placed (the front face of the mailbox extends past the back of the curb edge or edge of pavement into the road/street) a mailbox could be hit by the plow.  Snow being thrown by the plow can significantly impact a mailbox and cause damage.  There is nothing that can be one from snow being thrown from the plow blade.

 Mailboxes must be securely fastened to a sturdy post anchored in the ground to resist the impact of thrown snow.  No mailbox or post will be considered for replacement if the post shows dry rot, rusted metal or there is evidence of loose or missing hinges, bolts, screws or is otherwise unstable or was placed too close to the travel way.

 IN THE EVENT YOUR PROPERLY PLACED MAILBOX IS DOWN, A REPORT MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES (IN WRITING OR BY PHONE) WITHIN THREE (3) DAYS OF THE MISHAP, unless there are extenuating circumstances prohibiting notification within the 3-day period.

 THE DAMAGED MAILBOX MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE TO THE TOWNSHIP FOR INSPECTION.  If upon inspection it is determined, by the Road Superintendent or his representative, the damaged mailbox/post is eligible it will be limited to repair of the existing mailbox, replacement with a generic mailbox or as close to the existing mailbox as possible, or reimbursement of the established cost of the materials for the U.S. postal mailbox and post materials.  Replacements will be with a standard U.S. postal mailbox or the same, or as close to the existing mailbox as possible, and 4” x 4” wood post if necessary.

 Sandusky Township reserves the right to refuse to replace or repair any damaged mailbox when, in the Township’s opinion, it does not appear the snowplow was operated in a negligent manner or it appears that the mailbox was improperly installed or maintained.

 Although decorative or expensive mailboxes are permitted within the Township and may be required by individual homeowner associations, the Township does not require them.  Our policy in the case of damage to any mailbox by our plow trucks is limited to repair of the existing mailbox, replacement with a generic mailbox or as close to the existing mailbox as possible, or submission of a receipt for reimbursement of the established cost of the materials for the U.S. postal mailbox and post materials.  Regardless, of either circumstance, the Township will limit the payment not to exceed $75.00 per eligible mailbox repair/replacement.

 Mailbox repairs will not take place until current snow operations are finished.  In the event the mailbox is so severely damaged as to make mail delivery impossible, the Township will install a temporary mailbox to be used during the inspection and review of each mailbox damage complaint, to assure uninterrupted mail service to the residence.  If owner chooses to replace his mailbox before the snow removal is completed or the owner does not make the damaged mailbox/post available to the Township for inspection, the Township will reimburse him for the box and post only, based on a standard U.S. Postal mailbox.  Future now events could delay repairs.

 Sprinkler systems, landscaping, basketball hoops, dog fences, rocks, shrubbery etc. are not permitted in the right-of-way.  The township does not repair or replace non-permitted items in the right-of-way.  These items can damage snow removal and other types of equipment and vehicles.

 Please note: Plastic mailboxes are more prone to damage due to the oversized dimensions and the brittle nature of the plastic in extreme cold temperatures.  Please consider before purchasing a mailbox.

 Mailboxes along County or State maintained roads are not covered by this policy.  You may call the County Engineer at 419-334-9731 or the State (ODOT District 2) at 419-332-1585 for questions about their individual policies or to report damages to your mailbox.

 In the event your mailbox has been damaged because of direct contact by one of our trucks, please call the Township at 419-332-3810 to report the damage or leave a message.