Leaf Pick-Up begins approximately the last week of October every year and will end around the last week before Thanksgiving or when the first snow falls, depending on weather conditions.

  • Rake leaves to the edge of the road keeping them off the pavement.  Leaves become very slippery when wet which may cause a traffic hazzard.
  • Storm drains and catch basins carry storm water runoff.  Blocking/clogging those with leaves may cause flooding on your property.

  • Leaf piles should be free of foreign objects such as rocks, branches, grass, bottles, pumpkins, dead plants, etc.  Contaminated piles could cause injury and/or equipment failure.

  • Do not place leaves around fire hydrants, vehicles, mailboxes, landscaping, boulders, etc., as this will hide the object and potentially damage the machinery.  

It takes approximately two days to make a full round of leaf pick-up througout the Township.  Multiple rounds are completed during the Fall months and we make every effort to pick up the leaves before the snow falls.

Please do not burn leaves.