A new "Sandusky Township Park" sign marks the location of a tract of property designated for a Sandusky Township Park.  This area is around 11 acres in size.  It begins at Oak Harbor Raod and runs along Thomas Drive ending at he drainage ditch at the east end fo the field.

     Sandusky Topwnship Trustees appointed seven township residents to serve on the Parks Committee to explore the idea of developing this area into a Public Park.  The ;planning is in the early stages with many ideas being discussed for park development.  

     The Sandusky Township Park's Commitee is seeking your input!  What would you like to see in the Park?

     Due to the limited size and the rolling terrain; baseball, football and soccer fields are not possible at this tiem.  However, it is possible to develop a park that can offer many otehr activitites for you and your family to enjoy.

     We have put together a list of possible uses for the property.  The survey is below.  It was also included in the recent newsletter and is located on our Facebook page.